1. Hey guys!

    'Tomy and Keneth ready for an adventure'

    Not the actual name of the comic…just a description more or less of what is going on. 

    I recently posted the painting of an environment , just letting you know it was created for the sequence in this colored comic sample.  

    Hope you guys like it! 

    I hope I can finish the last two samples soon!


    I am trying to change my name from Karla to Kay for pen name purposes. There is another artist named Karla Castaneda on the web and I am receiving so many emails requesting to submit my ‘film’ into animation film festival. I am not Karla Castaneda the film maker, but for some weird reason people think I am even though I have clearly written in my website that I am an illustrator. Well, one of my past roommates use to call me ‘K’, so that’s were ‘Kay’ came from. 

    Hope you guys like the paintings!



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